For a more relaxing and peaceful holiday in Scotland, or to surprise that special someone that is joining you on your golf holiday, we offer pre-packaged Golf and Spa tours that include spa days and dining options included with our scenic golf tours.

Not only do we offer incredible pre-packaged golf tours for our clients, but we also offer relaxing spa treatments in many of these packages as well. Each of our Golf and Spa tour packages includes iconic golf courses as well as tranquil spa treatments for ladies and gentleman. You can spend the day enjoying the challenging and historic links on your tour before relaxing at a beautiful four or five star hotel for the ultimate spa treatment. You can also take advantage of other relaxing services, such as taking a dive in the indoor swimming pool, enjoying a long run in the exercise room, or including fine dining options during your stay. No matter what your ideal evening is of peace and relaxation, our Golf and Spa packages can be tailored to accommodate everyone in your group.

A few of the scenic and historic golf tours included in our spa packages are views of the East of Scotland with its rocky coasts and sandy coastline or Perthshire with its thick forests and greenery. For the sunshine lover in your group, the sunny beaches of the Ayrshire coast and long days of Northern Scotland are perfect for all-day golfing and soaking up the sun. All of our golf tour packages include some of Scotland’s most iconic and beloved golf courses with scenic views and rich history to give everyone in your group something to enjoy.

If our Golf and Spa packages sound like the perfect Scottish holiday for everyone in your group, contact one of our talented travel consultants today for an individual quote or to book one of these relaxing and scenic pre-packaged Golf and Spa tours.