Planning Your Perfect Scottish Golf Trip

Traveling to Scotland is the trip of a lifetime for anyone who loves history, golf, sightseeing, good food, whisky, and gorgeous coastal views. But is there something to do for everyone in your traveling party? How can you include all the activities they’d enjoy to ensure they all have an amazing trip? And how will you know which options to choose, from the hotel stay to the golf courses, to make sure you have the absolute best Scottish golf trip for you and everyone in your group?

Scottish Golf Tour Options from DP&L Golf

At DP&L Golf, we offer two types of Scottish golf trips for our clients to choose: Bespoke Scottish Golf Tours and Pre-packaged Scottish Golf Tours. Both are unique in their own ways and have dozens of options to allow you the perfect holiday for everyone while you’re in Scotland.

Our bespoke golf tours can be tailored specifically for you and your group, adding any number of golf courses, varied length of stay, and hotel options to your trip as well as a variety of extras, such as: spas, whisky distillery tours, festivals, shopping, sightseeing, and more. We even have options that include photography and videography of your trip, private golfing lessons, outdoor activities, and private tours. All of these can be customized to include something for everyone on your Scottish golf trip.

Our pre-packaged golf tours are perfect for the golfer that has an idea of which golf courses they’d like to visit. These tours make your trip planning easy and affordable, but can also have extras added on to include something for everyone in your party. Some of our pre-packaged golf tours include spa days, ferry rides, whisky distilleries, and more.

If you are looking to plan a trip to Scotland but are overwhelmed by all of the options and possibilities, contact our travel consultants at DP&L Golf today. We can help you plan an affordable Scottish golf trip for everyone in your group that will create incredible memories to last a lifetime.