DP&L Golf is the Scottish Golf Tours and golfing holiday package service which in 2015 grew from the long standing reputable Scottish travel agent DP&L Travel Ltd based in Dundee and St Andrews.

The brand DP&L has been a part of the local and UK business community for nearly two centuries, starting out as a shipping company, then known as The Dundee Perth and London Shipping Company who served local trade and passenger shipping routes from Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and throughout Europe as well as being a part of efforts in both World Wars.

With the shipping industry coming to an end, The Dundee Perth and London Shipping Company evolved in to the DP&L Group which has now established a number of thriving companies based in Dundee which includes;

DP&L Travel Head Office, Dundee

DP&L Golf, our Scottish golf tours and golf holiday package service is our latest venture in growing our travel business. With our dedicated team of experienced travel consultants who specialise in golf breaks, golf tours and golfing holidays we look forward bringing together an unforgettable golfing holiday experience for you in Scotland.